9 Mar

Hey hey! Happy Friday! It’s been a week of a week for me, mostly emotionally. I’m going to go ahead and blame the full moon, if that was something that happened somewhat recently. But I’m thankful it is Friday so now I can focus a bit more on my self improvement journey here and take advantage of time to GET SHIT DONE! Although… it’s never good when I have to go back to my last post and re-read what I said I was going to do this week. Oops. So, quickly now, here are the things I was supposed to be doing:

  1. Patiently wait for my cleaning supplies to arrive: CHECK! They arrived!! I’ve never been so excited to clean, ever.
  2. Create a “Deep Clean Schedule”: Oops. I’ll do that after I remember what else I’ve forgotten to do!
  3. Put a recycle bin in the kitchen: FAIL. Although I have been recycling everything that I can this week, I’ve just been piling it on the counter, then taking it out to the bin outside. Again, in 3 minutes, I’ll go find a stinkin’ make-shift bin and put it in the mother-lovin’ kitchen.
  4. Start working on a budget: I’ll give you two guesses on whether or not I’ve started on this, and your first guess doesn’t count.
  5. Sign up for a ServSafe class: sort of “in progress”. I’m trying to find a date that would be decent to take off work. Steps are actually being made on this one! HOORAY!
  6. Blog daily/every other day: Bahahaha. Not so much, but today is a new day!

Okay, so it’s only Friday so I still can work on these things this week and feel accomplished. Let’s just get a few of those above mentioned items crossed off my list, shall we?

I’m going to get up off my butt right now and find a box or container or SOMETHING and put it in the kitchen. How easy is that? Here I go…


Step 2. Write a freakin’ frackin’ deep clean schedule.

*insert more time than it should’ve taken me*

And… pow POW!! Cleaning List (Click on that if you want to check out my list!)

And now I should start working on a budget, after all, I did say that was something I’d do.

*insert about an hour of time*

Okay then. So here’s about how budget planning went:

  • Monthly income is x.
  • Monthly spending is y.
  • x > y
  • Okay! Okay! We’re doing okay… Oh wait.. about those student loan payments that need to increase in order to pay off the loans before 97 years…
  • To pay those loans back in a reasonable amount of time, if my calculations are correct… x needs to increase by approximately 1 SHITLOAD.

So that’s just great. Don’t mind me over here while I just lie on the floor, trying to breathe.

Honestly, I’ll keep working on an actual budget and plan. Just because It seems overwhelming at the moment doesn’t mean it’s not doable. It is. I am capable. I am powerful. I will not cry.

After I get my current budget up and going, my plan is to make more concrete goals with my business plan for my cooking/baking business AND for my new side gig (online shopping club!). More about all of that next time!

To end on a positive note, let’s start a little somethin’ somethin’ here. Let’s talk about one thing I’m thankful for today. Okay… Today I am thankful for a husband who listens to my sorrows, supports all of these fun changes around the house (like the fancy new recycling box), and buys me my favorite girl scout cookies without needing to ask which flavor(s) to get.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday, full of accomplishments, love and delicious cookies.






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