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Plans! Goals! Accomplishments!

4 Mar

Today I had a cooking job for two of my very lovely clients. After the menu was set, I went and purchased the groceries, drove to one of their houses and started on a massive undertaking of food prep. With my cheffing business, if you hire me to do a cooking job (which typically consists of 3-5 family style meals, prepped and ready to heat or reheat throughout the week!) you can have a friend also do the same menu as you at the same time. I just charge a little extra for a service fee and then the 2 friends split that fee! It’s a great deal for everyone!

It was a HUGE job today, and I got to thinking about all of the preparation I do for jobs like this. I write out a detailed grocery list, color coded per recipe, so I know, for example, where all of my onions are going in my recipes and grouped so that I can get through the grocery store as quickly as possible. Once I get back to the client’s house, I lay out all of the ingredients that I need along with the bowls, utensils and pans that I’ll use. Then, I follow a plan that I’ve written (usually the night before) which that details a complete, broken down “to-do” list and the order that would minimize my time spent completing the cooking job. Now, things don’t always usually go exactly as planned, but it’s at least a good “game plan” so that I know what direction I should be going at all times.

If you personally know me (or ask my parents) this meticulous planning doesn’t seem like a usual “Laura”-ism. I’ve always been very easy going and rarely a “planner.” But, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that if I want to actually accomplish something I cannot just “nilly willy” go at a task. At the sign of any trouble, my “easy going” attitude turns into indecisiveness and second-guesses, which quickly leads to self-doubt, worry and total self-sabotage. A little voice gets inside my head and whispers, “You can’t do this. What were you thinking? You’re worthless. You should just quit.” I panic. I freeze. And I pretty much self-destruct.

But, when I have a plan… when I actually have a stinkin’ plan… I GET SHIT DONE! I don’t have time to doubt! Why? Because the next thing on my list isn’t stop and think about my worth as a human being. It’s “cut the freakin’ frackin’ onions.” Now through them in the pot. Oh! Now you need to bake the meatballs while the sauce is simmering… but don’t forget to check on the cookies! THERE’S NO TIME FOR WORRY!! And, as I’m kickin’ ass and takin’ names in the kitchen, my confidence soars, and I become even MORE productive AND NO ONE CAN FUCKING STOP ME!!!

Sorry for saying the F word, but good golly sakes, sometimes it just spills out!!

My point is, for me at least, when I have a plan (and I actually follow it), I know I can accomplish SO MUCH! So I was thinking about my grand list from yesterday and how exactly I was going to make the leap from waaaaaaaaaaay over here where I’m starting to waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there, where the Golden Dream Laura lives.* I think what I’m going to do is pick a “thing” from each category. Then I’ll work on that “thing” throughout the week and really try to implement it into my routine. Then, down the road, all of these little “things” will turn into a big change! Maybe?! We’ll just find out, I guess, now won’t we?!

So for this week…. Ladies and gentlemen… I present to you: THE THINGS THAT I’M GOING TO TRY TO ACTUALLY WORK ON THIS WEEK!

  1. Home: Cleaning and Organizing Goals:
    • I’m trying out some new cleaning products that I got from a new shopping club I’m trying out. It’s like Target/Costco but online, cheaper and better quality. Sounds like winning all around, right?! My stuff hasn’t arrived yet so stay tuned.
    • Meanwhile, I’ll create a deep cleaning schedule. Maybe like a weekly or monthly thing. Something will be created THIS WEEK!**
  2. Impacting the World:
    • I’m going to get a little bin or container to put in our kitchen to help us make recycling easier.
  3. Financial:
    • I’ll START working on a budget.
  4. Career:
    • To be able to cook out of “official” kitchens, I need to get my ServSafe renewed, so THIS WEEK I will sign up for a class!
  5. Self:
    • For myself this week, I’m going to try really hard to write in this blog at least every other day, if not daily. It helps me think about my goals and helps me to think through the chaos that is sometimes happening in my head.

Okay! That’s it for today! Plans!! Goals!! Accomplishments!! Wahooooooo!

Until next time,


*I don’t know what the Golden Dream Laura is… I just made it up right now..

**I didn’t say I’d DO a bunch of deep cleaning this week.