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Sunday: Plan and Prep!

11 Mar

Since yesterday was all about budgets, I have spending on my mind today. Sundays are typically when I do the grocery shopping for our household, but I haven’t always been the greatest at planning. I generally make it to the grocery store each week (not always!) but most of the time I just nilly-willy buy whatever I think sounds good in that moment with no clear direction. Sometimes I end up with enough meat and veggies for 14 dinners; sometimes I get home and am like, “what in the world are we even going to have for dinner this week?!”

It’s so ridiculous. You know why it’s extra ridiculous? Because my chosen profession is a personal chef, where my specialty is to plan and prep a week’s worth of food for my customers. But, it goes to show you- even if you have all of the skills, tools, and knowledge, if you don’t plan ahead, your meals for your week are likely going to be a struggle.

Now mind you, if I had an abundance of will-power, we’d be okay. I’d buy x amount of chicken and y amount of veggies and we’d just eat the exact same meal day after day. But, like most people, I think that sounds lame. And even if I fully intended to do that throughout the week, I’d get to Tuesday and be like, “you know what sounds better that chicken? Pizza… or Chinese… or Indian… or literally ANYTHING else.*

Today I decided to step up my game, make a quick plan, and get to the grocery store. Yesterday I browsed around at some recipes and had some good ideas in my head, but I decided to do something a little different than the norm. Now, if I was really pressed for time, I wouldn’t mess around with this nonsense that I’m about to tell you. But, today I didn’t have any cooking commitments for any clients, so I knew I had a little more time to focus on myself.

So, as I went into the grocery store (early in the day, because I cannot stand crowded grocery stores!) I knew the types of food I wanted to make. For instance, I knew one of the meals would be sort of like a Mexican style stir fry with lots of veggies. Instead of making a set list, I let the prices of produce dictate what veggies would be in that recipe, and I repeated this process for the 5 meals I wanted to have this week.

I do have to say, I believe my plan was a success! I ended up spending $51.73 today on produce, a couple of dairy items and pantry items that I’d need for breakfast, lunch and dinners. I even got 2 items that each cost about $5 that are staple pantry items that’ll last a long time!

Now, that total doesn’t include the main proteins that would be in each meal. About a week ago, I decided to try out ButcherBox, so I have those meats in my freezer to use. So far I’ve LOVED the selections and quality I’ve received, so I think we’ll continue getting those boxes each month, and I’ll carefully plan them into our menus.

Here is my referral link to get 2 free filet mignons and free bacon with your first box!

Note: Since it’s a referral link, I do get credit on my account with ButcherBox if you click it and purchase! And then you can refer your friends too with your own link!


ButcherBox! Free Bacon!!

I told my husband this morning that my plan is to (obviously) use those meats and also be mindful of protein sales that go on in the grocery stores here. Then, if there’s an incredible deal, I’ll stock up and add those to our freezer collection and use them as I can. Good plan, right?!

So, after I got my groceries, I came home and immediately prepped them as much as I could so that my week would be as prepared for as possible. This is usually what I do for clients as well, and not something I always do for myself. But, I have to remember, my service is a blessing for those that want to save time during the week, want to waste less food, want to spend less on ‘eating out’, and want to eat healthier meals. And I decided that we deserved that blessing too, gosh darn it!


Prepped food for our week!


And there you have it. Groceries have come in low on my budget (win!) and food is prepped and ready for our week. I think that all counts as a major success!

Now, let’s look at this week coming up and plan out the next set of goals, shall we?

  • Home Cleaning/Organizing: Last week I made my deep clean and weekly clean lists. This week I’ll actually implement the deep clean part!
      • I’m also going to add another task to that: keep my freaking car clean (on the inside)!
  • Impact on the World: We’ve successfully implemented our recycle bin in our kitchen and even the convenience of it has helped us to increase our recycling! Yay!
      • This week: my goal is to actually use up all of our prepped food and leftovers for this week. Food waste is no bueno.
  • Financial: I’ve created my budget and my “logging” plan. I’ll continue to log purchases and see how my week goes!
  • Career: I didn’t officially get signed up for my ServSafe class, but I will do that this week.
      • Another goal is to set aside 30-45 minutes every day this week to learn more about this online shopping club that I just joined and the benefits/income potential that come with that. Side hustles are where it’s at! If you haven’t heard of residual income, you should really check it out.
  • Self: Last week I tried to blog more often, and it was a success!! I do feel much better when I get to write about my thoughts, feelings and goals.
      • This week, I’m going to make sure I’m drinking 80-100 oz. of water every day.

Thanks for reading!

Have the best week!


*I think it might be a “stubborn” thing too. Like, “don’t tell me what to eat, Motivated Laura.”