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Budgets Smudgets

10 Mar

Oh budgets. Why-oh-why must we talk about budgets?

Well, Laura, we must talk about budgets because you have some dandy student loans to pay off. We also must talk about budgets because traveling and experiencing new cultures are important to you, and guess what… that costs money! And.. AND.. you’re not making a million dollars a year, FYI.

Yea, thanks for the reminder… I mean I get it I…

And also, I don’t know if anyone informed you yet… but you’re a freakin’ grown up now. Like, officially. Sick, I know!! But grown ups (who want to do things like travel and have nice things and, you know, retire one day) have budgets and spend their money wisely.


Okay.. okay… get up off the floor. Lying face down in the middle of the room doesn’t help you have more money. Get up. Make a plan. And move forward. You. Can. Do. This.

Okay I’m back from my third person pep talk. I can’t be the only one that has this reaction when talking about money and budgets right?! I mean, I don’t literally go and lie on the floor* but I do feel a bit frozen on the inside. Like, if I sit so still and don’t talk about it or think about it or even breathe, maybe it’ll all just go away….

But not anymore, right?!? My fellow budget losers**… we must band together and all become big brave dogs. We must keep track of our spending. We must stop impulse buying the CRAP out of weird stuff from Target. We must become (dun dun dun!) responsible adults!!!!

You see what I’ve done here? Instead of wisely using this time to create and track a budget, I’ve managed to write a blog post to postpone having to do any real work. It’s a gift of mine, really. Procrastination.

Okay enough funny business. In this very moment, in real time, I’m switching over to my nerdy excel spreadsheet to think hard about my finances.

Okay, I’m back and I feel decent about my plan. I’m actually really excited to track all of the things I’m purchasing and see where I land. I do believe this will work similarly to a diet. You know, when you start writing down every little thing you eat, you start paying better attention and making better food choices. Which reminds me, I should probably start writing down all of the crappy foods I’ve been eating lately! Maybe that’ll be on my task list for next week…

I feel pretty good about this week and the tasks I’ve been doing. I’ve recycled. I’ve switched over some of my cleaning supplies to be less harsh and more environmentally friendly. I’ve created (but not actually done!) a deep clean schedule to add onto my already working weekly cleaning schedule. I’ve not officially signed up for a ServSafe class, but it’s in the works.

That’s a lot of things that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and just hadn’t followed through up until now! So yay me!

Tomorrow I’ll write another post about my next goals to work on while still making sure to implement these new tasks into my routine. Along with my budget for this week, tomorrow I’m also going to explore my best options for saving money with groceries and household supplies.

I’ve become a customer of an online shopping company (similar to Target or Costco) but they don’t specifically offer stuff like toilet paper or paper towels… BUT they do offer cash back to other online retailers (like Target and Walmart and about a jillion***) other retailers, so I’m going to find out which is going to be most budget friendly and plan that stuff accordingly as well. Look at me, spending wisely and saving money like a real, live adult!

That’s all I’ve got for the day. I hope it’s been the best Saturday for all!




*not usually at least…

**I don’t actually think you’re a loser, my friend.

***obviously an exaggeration… but there are maybe 650 retailers that offer discounts and cash back! Whoop for saving money that I was going to spend anyway!