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Trust Yo-Self

25 Mar


I was recently watching a Facebook Live about thriving, done by a mentor of mine. There was so much goodness in her quick video, but one thing that has stuck out (and keeps popping into the front of my thoughts) was about trust in yourself. We all know how important trust is in any relationship, but do you ever think about how important trust is in yourself? Do you trust yourself to do what you said you were going to do?

She explained… so, say you said you were going to call your mom today. Even if you just told yourself that (or you wrote it on your “to-do” list like I would!) and your mama had no idea about this call. You told yourself that you would and then at the end of the day you got busy or you were tired or something came up. And you thought, “Wellllllllll, maybe I’ll just call her tomorrow…”

Or another example: you said you were going to go for a walk today. You usually go for a walk with your spouse but, but today he or she didn’t feel like it. So you thought, “Wellllllllllllll, I’ll just make sure to go tomorrow…”

STOP IT!! Stop right there!! You probably think this is all harmless, but do you see what you’re doing?!?! Every time you do something like that, you’re telling yourself that even though you said you’d do those things, you might not. Your word is essentially no good to your own self.

Now, maybe you think that’s dramatic. But, if you’re anything like me, just chill out a minute and let it sink in. Think about your past. HOW MANY times have you said, “I’ll start my healthy habits on Monday.” And then HOW MANY times did you actually start? When you said it, did you truly believe it was going to happen? Yea, I did too. But then, how many times have you totally gotten to Monday and been like, “EFF it! Next week!”?!


If this isn’t resonating with you, that’s okay. But if it is, let it really sink in. In my opinion, every single time you don’t follow through with what you told yourself you’d do, you’re setting yourself up for future failure. You’re telling yourself that you’re not worthy of your own trust.

Now, don’t give me the, “Yea, but Laura! Things come up… plans change… blah blah blah.”

Yes, you’re absolutely right. But I’m not talking about those circumstantial times. I’m talking about your every day word. Are you true to your word to yourself?

So call your mom, for goodness sakes. Not because of her (although that’s a good reason too, because your mom is a princess, whoever she is) but because you said you would. Go for the walk! Eat healthy if you’re said you were going to eat healthy! Do what you said you’d do and start re-building that trust you have in yourself. *



*Once I knew I was going to write this blog, I knew I’d have to go do my deep cleaning duty for the week. Because I said I would, damnit. So, I went and detailed the doors… Whoop whoop! And it was actually pretty therapeutic, both to get the cleaning task done AND to stay true to what I said I’d do. Building that trust back up!